Xiamen ready to build what kind of experimental FTA

Xiamen is a tourist city, tourism economy has been developed. At the same time it is also a seaside city, traffic developed, very close to Taiwan, has great economic development potential. Today, Xiamen is actively creating experimental FTA, ready to create what kind of free trade zone? See below for details.

Haicang District is the free trade zone in Fujian Xiamen area of the main bearing, as the foreign trade of Xiamen City, the most complete varieties from the area of trade test area the largest area in 2014, Haicang port import and export freight volume of 26 million 39 thousand and 800 tons, accounting for 24.7% of the Xiamen customs; import and export container 2 million 536 thousand and 400 TEUs, accounting for the Xiamen customs import and export trade volume 57.4%; 264 billion 348 million yuan, accounting for 33.4% of the Xiamen customs. After the successful signing of the memorandum of cooperation, the two sides will establish high-level communication and coordination, coordination, cooperation and mutual assistance, work incentives and other cooperation mechanisms to jointly promote the construction of Haicang free trade zone.

the simultaneous launch of service measures twenty is divided into "optimization of customs management system, customs supervision system innovation" and "perfect Haicang bonded port management mode", "to promote the development of new business format" and "strengthen trade cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan" in five aspects, including the promotion of International trade "single window" construction. Deepen the port three mutual cooperation and innovative mechanisms to promote the customs supervision and inspection center construction, risk monitoring and command on-site business documents accepted in China etc..

as the processing trade enterprises in Xiamen city is one of the most densely populated regions, Haicang District has 103 enterprises of processing trade, processing trade import and export value of 24 billion 913 million yuan in 2014, the network supervision enterprises 23, 2014 import and export value reached 19 billion 900 million yuan, accounting for the processing trade in Haicang District, 80% of total exports. For the convenience of the enterprise for verification, Xiamen customs processing trade started in early May Haicang material level verification reform, manufacturing enterprise ERP management can be implemented through the network with the customs, the customs shall submit to the logistics of production data, material level, combined with the real implementation of the Customs Customs inventory, material level and enterprise level, the material record data of the actual inventory data computer automatic alignment, accounting, and effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy, but also greatly reduce the tax due to differences and brought to the enterprise tax cost. At the same time, Xiamen customs will be innovation and maintenance and development of Haicang District trade type phase to adapt to the new verification mode, try to establish a "trust report work mode of the enterprise, the customs since the nuclear pumping nuclear auxiliary".

to Taiwan, is Xiamen’s largest free trade area characteristics. All along, Haicang around the exchange of shipping, industrial cooperation and other topics, and constantly expand cross-strait industrial cooperation recommended