The gap between innovation and entrepreneurship in China and America

China and the United States are the most innovative countries, and continue to apply it to practice. But in fact, there is a big gap between China’s innovation and development in the United States, which is mainly due to the high entrepreneurial enthusiasm but low innovation ability.

"from the latest Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) to obtain the data, and the United States in the Chinese entrepreneurship index on the gap is not big, but in the segments of the index difference is not small." Gem Chinese Global Entrepreneurship China report observed responsible for party secretary Gao Jian, Professor of Tsinghua University School of economics and management held in 28 (hereinafter referred to as the "Chinese report") of the conference, the global entrepreneurship data as a reference, introduces the multi dimension China entrepreneurial panorama.

2014 in September, Premier Li Keqiang issued a "public entrepreneurship, innovation" the call in the summer Davos forum, China triggered social entrepreneurship. According to the 2014 survey data, China’s entrepreneurial activity index (15.53) is higher than the United States (13.81), the United Kingdom (10.66), Germany (5.27), Japan (3.83) and other developed countries. An increase in the proportion of entrepreneurial opportunities, 2/3 of entrepreneurs based on opportunities, which indicates that entrepreneurs are expected to increase the contribution of entrepreneurs.

"in the number of China’s entrepreneurial growth at the same time, the content of innovation of entrepreneurial activities are to be improved." Gao Jian said, although the index of entrepreneurial activity in China than in developed countries such as the United States, Britain and Germany, but the venture "products using new technology and the development of" new market "index is far lower than developed countries, at the same time China entrepreneurs based on China market, the lack of global vision planning, this also shows that our entrepreneurs based on innovation should be strengthened.