4 Home Dishes let your chest more female health network

4 to filter out the soup, red dates, lotus.

2 wash shrimp to the intestines, drain;

2 pig tail soup: boil 3 liters of water, add onion ginger, a little wine, boil about 1.5 liters of soup;

3 from the pan heat the oil, beef marinated with stir fried 40 seconds;

4 will be immersed in the practice of 3 shrimp, refrigerate for 1 hours;

1 cashew fried cooked spare;

wants to eat the material, but also more material to your chest, personally DIY — a walnut, cashew nuts, Aberdeen A dish, lettuce, papaya, beef, pig tail, lotus seeds, red dates and make all kinds of innovation completely collocation, let more delicious dishes, complete your "proud mind" to.

6 papaya into the dish, beef slices on the papaya.

shelled shrimps with cashew nuts

1 will wash the filter dry water lettuce;

1 a pig tail in the boiling water hot fishy;

5 papaya Ding in the oil quickly fry a few;

3 red dates washed, dried lotus seeds soak for 2 hours;

; two


2 seeded diced papaya;



(walnut oil food)

4 the beef Sheng out of juice into the pot of oil filter;

material: lettuce, a tablespoon oyster sauce half, 2 walnut two, 3 tablespoon oil

5 oil heat flameout, the excess shrimp will drain off the oil into the seasoning, stir cooked bubble open;

4, put the lettuce in a bowl and sprinkle the walnuts.



1 slices of beef with soy sauce, cooking wine, marinate for half an hour;

private advice: be fried in oil with hot ripe papaya, but not fried too long.

material: pig tail, seven or eight red dates, dried lotus seeds, 2

pig tail lotus jujube soup

lettuce with oyster sauce

3 salt, sesame oil, green onion, protein mixing evenly;

material: 2, two, half a catty of cashew shrimp with salt, sesame oil, green onion, a little protein, three tbsp of oil

Stir fried beef slices with

material: papaya 1, 3 beef two, soy sauce, cooking wine amount of oil 3 tablespoons of

6 to remove oil, shrimp with cashew nuts.

2 walnuts on a small fire, stir fry, after crushing;

3 from the pan, stir fried lettuce for 1 minutes, pour oyster sauce, simmer for 3 minutes instead of