This year is approaching what small investment projects for you

seeing the New Year approaching, many businesses are ready to wait for the Spring Festival, the biggest opportunity to make money coming, want to start what are you waiting for, to join the selected item to open my own shop. Forget, some investors may have these problems: small business do? With the upsurge of food and beverage franchise, many brands from the public out. Would like to open a restaurant, so many characteristics of food and beverage projects how to choose? Others have begun to do, now do not have time to do? Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a few parity for small business entrepreneurs.

spicy shrimp

spicy shrimp, spicy shrimp is undoubtedly the most popular item this summer. First with chili pot fresh, unique secret materials, stir fry out fragrance to attract patrons appetite; eat shrimp after adding strong stick bone soup, stir fry with fragrance, Kanoue Kaka, meet diners picky appetite!

love to go shopping, love to play, love fashion, young and how little the small pill to accompany. Cool pellets burn, Taiwan flavor, young people exclusive leisure snacks, traditional snacks to be cast into the shade. Well received by young men and women, students love, do not forget to eat, eat also want to eat!

cake shop

can also choose to open a sweet cake shop, now the younger generation, are very fond of cake dessert, very emotional, dessert shop is a fashion trend of life. Fresh food is the favorite of modern people, has become a fashion trend of life. A sweet cake shop, the amount of investment is not high, simple operation, small occupied area, very suitable for business with a small capital doctrine. As long as your cake and dessert taste fresh and unique, the price can be trusted by all the people, it is easy to attract consumers at all levels. (in the shop about 10 square meters for example): start the assets of about 95 thousand yuan investment in equipment: 1 2 5000 yuan rent of about 2000 yuan (including facade decoration decoration and light box) 3 shelves and sell Taiwan investment of about 1500 yuan and 4 employees (2) uniform need to invest 500 yuan 5 largest machinery and equipment: 80 thousand yuan (including the production of a full set of equipment purchase): flour, butter and other raw materials, about 6000 yuan.

In addition to

, there are more suitable for small business characteristics of the catering project waiting for you. Join the golden age of food and beverage has come, please come to join it, now start business!