Tmall supermarket VS Jingdong home who is more dominant in the end

Tmall supermarket has introduced eye-catching preferential policies, as is the accumulation of popularity, and enjoy the big Jingdong home court PK, and the fact that Ali and Tmall required to complete the self ability to compete with supermarkets.

recent Tmall flagship supermarket subsidy cards, 1 billion red envelopes hit the market in Beijing, in advertising and red under the stimulation effect is also very good, Beijing regional sales rose 740%. The Jingdong will also target the super, first to 4 billion 300 million stake in Yonghui supermarket, occupy 10% of the shares, also recently launched for daily consumer goods promotion activities.

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however, Ali to counter attack, must first overcome once the ills of it.

has been Tmall flagship open platform, cooperation mode to invite businessmen settled, in the above quality control can not be exhaustive, fake controversy. Tmall is currently the main push of the Tmall supermarket, the surface is similar with the Jingdong owned by businesses, in fact or recommendation, then complete the independent inventory management, commodity editing, commodity pricing, product replacement, commodity marketing and other business operations, Tmall supermarket just settled the sign to the unified household Tmall supermarket in a platform on the recommendation of