Novice to do the preparatory work to do what

dry pot is a lot of people like to eat the food, in the market, it needs is relatively large. For entrepreneurs, open a pot shop is a good choice, but in the novice, this is a very difficult thing. How to open a new pot? In the beginning, we have to do the preparatory work, so as to bring hope to the success of the shop. Here, Xiao Bian made a relevant analysis, want to know the friends quickly look at it!

1, location

site selection is a key to dry pot franchise. In doing this work, entrepreneurs must be careful. In general, the snack bar to pay more attention to the flow of people, while the dry pot stores pay more attention to the place where the population is more concentrated. In addition, entrepreneurs at the time of the site to analyze the consumption level and economic situation of the surrounding population, consider the location of their own open pot shop is not appropriate.

2, decoration

decoration is also a very important work to open pot shop. To join the pot shop, its decoration must highlight their brand and product features, in addition, the ventilation system must do a good job, warm lighting effect is more reasonable.

3, publicity

open pot shop want to shop business is booming, then the effective pre promotion is essential. In general, in the pan pot shop opened 12 to 20 days before you can start to do publicity, publicity can be used online + line combination of the way.

open a pot shop, ready to work is very important, as entrepreneurs must pay attention to this point. How to open a new pot? For the novice, more carefully treat the shop before and after preparation, we also have to pay attention to many details, in peacetime, also should pay attention to the accumulation of more experience, so we can really help you make a good shop, get wealth, life will also be a result of this wonderful.

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