Storm disaster insurance companies will claim it

days of heavy rain, so many city are in a world of waters, and do not say a lot of people’s life and work are severely affected. At the same time, a lot of people’s property has been lost, especially the vehicle, was scrapped countless. This time, the insurance company will be how to become a matter of concern to many owners are concerned. So, the storm disaster, insurance companies will claim it?

recently, the city of Wuhan caused by heavy rains flooded flooded into the sea look mode". South China’s overall flood becomes more and more serious, frequently appear in the heavy rain season, unfortunately vehicles tend to be flooded, what should we do? If natural disasters are inevitable, how can we minimize losses by insurance? Presumably this is the most concerned about the majority of owners. Reporters call a number of mainstream insurance companies, a detailed understanding of the relevant provisions of the vehicle wading claims, encountered this kind of natural disaster insurance company will compensate you?

only buy strong insurance companies do not pay compensation

if your car in addition to the purchase of strong insurance, did not buy any commercial insurance, then obviously, at this time the loss can only be borne by the owners themselves.

purchase to pay strong insurance and commercial insurance, the insurance company does not compensate for engine loss

if you are in addition to the purchase of strong insurance, but also to buy commercial insurance, and commercial insurance cover car damage insurance. So the car after being immersed in water, you immediately call the insurance company to assess the damage at the telephone report, the insurance company will compensate according to natural disasters.

however, it is particularly necessary to point out that, at this time the car damage to the engine water is not compensated. In addition to the engine, the other part of the car damage, such as interior, computer boards, etc., depending on the specific circumstances identified liability claims.

purchase to pay strong insurance, commercial insurance and bought wading insurance, insurance companies will be compensated

vehicle wading insurance, is a new derivative of the insurance, is the owner of the engine specifically for the purchase of additional insurance. The insurance vehicle may be compensated for the damage to the engine when it is running on the water surface or being flooded.

note that, even if the vehicle has purchased insurance, but not necessarily contain wading insurance. Car wading insurance is an additional insurance, you need to buy separately.

, that is to say, heavy rain soaked the vehicle, if your car is equipped with a compulsory insurance, commercial insurance (including car damage) and additional wading insurance, so although your car is still afraid of the water, but at least by the bubble after someone gave you pay.

however, even if you have the same type of car insurance plus three