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2, listen to music

recommends the use of some to calm the nerves, soothing essential oils, such as lavender, blue chrysanthemum essential oil, jasmine essential oil, as long as the choice of one of the essential oil, and take the right amount of oil drops in the temple, right after the massage, can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety.


hot water bath

women enter menopause, prone to mood swings, irritability, nervousness, insomnia, restlessness and other symptoms, in fact, these symptoms associated with menopause anxiety. If you suffer from menopausal anxiety, you need timely treatment, so as to alleviate the symptoms of menopausal anxiety. So, how to treat female menopause anxiety disorder?

for patients with menopausal anxiety more serious, you can use drugs for treatment, the effect is better. However, the need for medication under the guidance of a doctor, avoid drug abuse.


3, aromatherapy

listening to music can eliminate anxiety, because in the process of listening to music, will make people relax, relax muscles, so that people feel happy. Therefore, it is recommended that women with menopausal anxiety to listen to music.

is recommended for patients with anxiety menopause women, often with hot water bath, can eliminate the anxiety. When the body is in a state of anxiety, the volume of blood will be human nerve endings have decreased, and the hot bubble bath, can promote blood circulation, increase blood flow and nerve endings, so as to achieve the purpose of eliminating anxiety.

is a common disease in women with menopausal anxiety. Here are four common methods for the treatment of menopausal anxiety, respectively, bubble bath, listen to music, aromatherapy and drug therapy. The effects of these treatments are better. Menopausal women with anxiety disorders suggested a friend try.

treatment of female climacteric anxiety

4, drug therapy