Henan multiple preferential policies to stimulate the double dividend Era

to create a new type of social entrepreneurship and innovation, to encourage more people to participate in the management activities, Henan Province issued multiple preferential policies for entrepreneurship, make different groups of different strength of a customer can enjoy double dividend brought by the era of entrepreneurship.

create more maxspace, entrepreneurship can keep college students quit school student 3 years, institutions of scientific research personnel can work as a passenger, the establishment of science and technology innovation fund support and cultivate outstanding scientific and technological enterprises…… Encourage public entrepreneurship, innovation, cannot do without the complete business service platform and the support of the government, therefore, Henan province has issued a series of preferential policies aimed at creating, the province to accelerate the development of public record space and other new business service platform, the whole society to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial activity.


create maxspace


"incubator" accelerated

to encourage and support the diversification of investment in the construction of science and technology business incubator, University Science and technology park business support service carrier, active in the land, capital and infrastructure construction.

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