Xiao Zinan 17 years to tell a business story

every successful person has his own story. 17 years, Xiao Zinan from a drop out of entrepreneurs to the status quo, became a creative mentor. He set up a pioneering work to create a new local entrepreneurial business incubator model to help more young entrepreneurs to achieve entrepreneurial dreams.

12 8 July in Shunde, Ronggui Tianfu International Plaza seven floor, Shunde’s first local private enterprises — Guangdong business incubator Workshop Information Technology Co. Ltd., coffee booth a few young entrepreneurs are full of passion and entrepreneurial workshops on chatting own entrepreneurial projects, but one side in an interview with the chairman of the entrepreneurship workshop Xiao Zinan is poised. From entrepreneurs to entrepreneurial mentor, he spent 17 years, and to create a new business incubator model, play a good role in entrepreneurial counseling.

1995 years, only 15 years old Xiao Zinan, from his hometown of Jiangxi to Harbin university. Although talented, in the school won the title of top students, but after two and a half years of college, restless Shaw decided to drop out of business. "At that time, it was found that the laundry around the school was a big market."

"doing for about two years, until the students graduated from the University, suddenly found himself some regret dropping out." Xiao Zinan said, after dropping out of him in many colleges and universities in Harbin are open around the laundry chain stores, have always next to the school, with their classmates to keep in touch, until the students graduated, he suddenly had a feel lost feeling, "while doing laundry this year to earn some money, but there is no need to drop out later found himself."

quit after the business consulting firm

2000 and Xiao Zinan, from the school with a graduated license came to Guangdong Foshan, began a period of the road to find work everywhere. When looking for a job, it was found that graduation certificate is so important." Xiao Zinan said, because at that time is a kind of "high not low not" mentality to find a job, a recommendation