The successful experience of the food and beverage industry entrepreneurs to share do not be entangl

with the improvement of living standards, the catering industry is one of the first choice for business projects, but we also know that the big five star hotel, small roadside food stalls, food and beverage industry also is saturated, so if you want a foothold heel how to do?

A, when you find a good employee, tell him that you think he is a good employee.

thank and praise him often. If they feel respected, even if both of us know that I can’t pay for what they deserve, they’re still willing to work with me.

two, looking for employees who has initiative at work, and to constantly look for them.

The main features of

three, when you have a bad employee, don’t waste your time trying to change them into good employees, it is often difficult to achieve.


five, carefully waiting for the views of others, when they speak to you to listen.