Chinese female breast for which cup health network


according to the vote, there are about 3.73% women for E cup.

four, then what is the reason for the cover up or even the destruction of Chinese women’s breasts and chest curves?

, a female friend how to identify their own underwear Cup series

three, China female breast "true Cup series" and "pseudo Cup series" two. When the female nude upright when measuring the data, calculated the difference and cup series called pseudo Cup series; when the female nude slightly forward 45 degrees measuring chest circumference, chest circumference and erect, the data after calculating the difference and cup series called genuine cup series.

four, who ruined the good shape of Chinese women


two, do they have a scientific fit and size conversion?

1, national cultural education and culture quality is low, the lack of aesthetic and health education, Chinese women from beginning to end most of the that we don’t understand how my body and breast.

that is, the majority of Chinese women’s breasts are actually good, but they do not know.

two, the vast majority of women have not been close to the scientific measurement, the size of the breast size simply do not know. In fact, breast size classification and cup series standard not I make, but the international standard, I will set out to tell you later.

three, is it true that most of the Chinese women are A, B cup of small chest gens?

Chinese female breast cup series, the ratio is about A20%, B30%, C30%, D10%, E5%, F5%.

Chinese female breast cup series the ratio is about A5%, B20%, C30%, D30%, E10%, F5%.


B cup quantity: 400 million *3.73%=1492 wan.

, the vast majority of women do not know their own Chinese Cup series breast, always with the picture album the chest beauty to do a simple comparison, modest inferiority thinks he chest is small, and even a lot of women don’t know A, B, C, D, E, F cover cup classification.

A cup quantity: 400 million *31.8%=12720 wan.

China Adult Women’s underwear real size survey of a total of 9462 participants. The number of the B cup, A cup of 37.72%, followed by 31.8%. According to some 400 million adult females in China, we can calculate the approximate number of each size according to the proportion of votes.

2, profit and high profit driven, making a lot of underwear brands and manufacturers to consumers only super

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