How to reduce the loss of your restaurant

for business people, who want their stores every day business is booming, want to minimize the loss, only in this way it is possible to profit. As a successful business people, we need to master some of the shop skills. Grasp a good way to shop, in order to reduce the loss of rapid profitability. So how to reduce the loss of restaurant?

for some seasonal or other reasons to influence prices of raw materials, you can choose those more resistant to storage on the cheap to buy some more in advance, but must be preserved. All employees, including the boss and their relatives, family, food must be under the menu, do not see the kitchen food menu. Discount is not the best way to do business, so you can not discount or discount too large.

to set menu, should pay attention to meat collocation. Individual dishes of the main and auxiliary materials should also pay attention to this problem. Sometimes more accessories but better taste. Special expensive dishes can find some accessories bottom. Such as lettuce, lettuce or fried silk, etc.. Can also be used some special-shaped small tableware such as abalone, frog cup shape. The design of the whole table of dishes, should first think of those goods in the freezer. To use the inventory, not to let the ice in the raw materials put too long.

these operating skills are each open restaurants boss should learn, only know how to open a shop, in order to win a bigger market for their own stores, win more wealth for themselves. Catering business these skills we should master, only to reduce losses, in order to drive the store’s profit.