Shop name which taboos


in the name of the time, often due to less attention to take a less appropriate name, leading to their later constantly in trouble, this is in the name of time did not notice the taboo. So the name of the name, the same name shop. If you want to have a proper name, or need to avoid the taboo. So, what are the names of the shop taboo?

shop name

meaning obscure taboo

implied meaning is too deep voice, others do not understand. As with unfamiliar words, what is good, no one knows, good moral has no meaning.

enterprise, the name of the trademark has the function of indicating the nature of the enterprise, suggesting the function of the product, etc.. Such as the "Guangming Daily" set: Zhejiang city of Lanxi province was a museum, they give themselves a deep meaning in the name of the " " Chengyang; scold stone; name of museum. But the sign hanging out, others don’t understand, the shopkeeper hurriedly in the shop signs added near " Lanxi city enterprise culture service brand to complement ".

What is the

" " Chengyang scold stone;? According to ancient books, "immortal biography" records: ancient legend of the case of Huang Chuping shepherd led to the Jinhua stone room. His brother from the beginning of the search, but see a white stone. At the beginning of the history of flat stone, Jiecheng sheep. In the face of a public service shop, the name actually contains so subtle allusions, no wonder people cannot read. The same is the name of Museum, " naming Lu " and ‘name Zhai " popular and memorable, the name itself is an excellent advertisement.

shop name Jiyong polyphone

was used as polyphones, like the use of unfamiliar words will bring great inconvenience to people’s call, meaning itself is not clear. The polyphone name, name has two or more pronunciation is more easy to let a person feel at a loss. For example: Le Hai Restaurant, one of the " le " there are two reading, read LE, read YUE, so that people do not know what sounds better.

such as the following words have two read: line (XING, HANG), province (SHENG, XING), heavy (CHONG, ZHONG), ZHAO (QIAN, XI) towards (CHAO,), etc.. Of course, we are not saying that he absolutely can not use chinese. But at least to ensure that others can determine their pronunciation, not to read wrong.

shop named bogey bad intentions

, for example, you are engaged in the manufacture and sale of cosmetics, so whimsical. To log on to " &q>; heroin