An analysis of the advantages of a ramen

Japanese cuisine is also known around the world, in the face of food without borders food exchange is also needed across the country. Music is a Hand-Pulled Noodle Kyushu Kagoshima famous fast food chain enterprises, according to the production of food, stores all over the world, and set up overseas branches in Southeast asia.

2006, an international music after careful exploration, very optimistic about the China of this great market potential, innovation based on the traditional taste of Kyushu, integration, unique style, developed the basic raw material is more suitable for Chinese flavored pasta, snacks, instant snacks and all kinds of products, to create a professional brand the road.

Le Hand-Pulled Noodle chain with rich products, strict quality management, economic price, quality service, superb cooking technology, pure delicacy to win the East China, across the country to bring unique gourmet delicacy "storm".

join advantage:

advantage, enjoy the right to use the brand: free use of a music brand, store design and use of CIS system.

advantage two, enjoy the right to operate business district: headquarters to follow and adhere to the 8 – 100 thousand population to open a franchise policy.

advantage three, enjoy the priority to renew the contract: after the expiration of the contract, no breach of the franchise, the headquarters can be free to apply for a new contract.

advantage four, enjoy the right to buy the right: in the same conditions, the franchise can be given priority to regional general agent.

advantage of five, enjoy the technical support provided by the headquarters: the beginning of the opening of the store with the teacher, the whole dish update.