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menstrual period less blood is going on? There are many reasons that cause menstrual blood less, in the above content, is for everyone to do a detailed introduction, I hope to help everyone, menstruation is a symptom of irregular menstruation, timely adjustment, according to the specific circumstances of the self has made according to the regulation, will play a more effective treatment.

2, uterine dysplasia

1, ovarian function decline

is a special period of menstruation of female body, and every month through the special period, but now more and more people suffering from irregular menstruation, there are many reasons that cause irregular menstruation, of course, treatment of irregular menstruation also has a lot of, so, the menstrual period less blood is going through? The following contents to understand.

4, changes in the spirit of the environment

is caused by the menstrual bleeding from the endometrium peeling, with ovarian cycle changing, if uterine hypoplasia, is also in the uterus after puberty, is still less than normal, causing the endometrium peeling is less, menstruation, the uterus endometrial lesions and abortion and curettage will cause menstruation to reduce the amount of.

causes menstruation reduction, is the most common endocrine disorders, the body is also the low level of estrogen secretion caused by low levels of estrogen, can cause endometrial hyperplasia is very difficult in the weak, the endometrium is certainly not up to the normal menstrual volume, also appeared in menstruation the phenomenon of.

menstrual period less blood is going to

3, endocrine disorders

long time stress state and stress and other sudden mental state, is very easy to cause female estrogen secretion imbalance occurs, the main manifestation is menstruation, should pay attention to rest, relax, maintain a good mental health.

with the growth of age, ovarian function will slowly decline, causing a reduction in menstrual flow, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.