Ant brings business opportunities ant Castle

many people love pets, but it is absolutely not, even ants may one day become a pet, but also can become a small business, here to introduce you is an absolutely fantastic business: ant castle.

project overview

product features

1, body leisure entertainment, full of fun. After going, ants need to adapt to the environment, "elected" leader, started to feed each other, stage, fun observation.

2, intellectual property. Can exercise children’s observation ability, thinking ability, practical ability, the development of children’s potential intelligence, let them know ants, learning knowledge.

3, if put into the queen, the whole process of observed spawning and hatching of ants. 4, this product has three links, elbow, feeder hose and other accessories, can assemble a variety of artificial ants can also through the feeder channel, provide some fruit, honey, sugar or small grain meat and other food for the ants.

the first purchase amount of 3 to 50 thousand yuan. The suggested retail price of 178 yuan / month, after deducting operating costs and concessionaire, profits generally in 20% ~ 30%.


1, the product can be used as toys, alternative pets, science preschool products, gifts, etc., in department stores, boutiques and other channels of sales. 2, the main consumer groups for the pursuit of fashion, casual office workers, but also for school sales, as a biological, natural teaching aids.

3, the dealer is best in toys, alternative pets or science education and other products have good sales channels and sales experience. 4, dealers can also distribute other ants ecological toys, such as ants, ants, ants studio DreamWorks, ant tribe legend etc..


has been popular in foreign countries, but in our country under the current market environment, the business has not been fully excavated. The ant Castle put forward the concept of ecological toys, the distance between people and nature, provides leisure entertainment products for busy office workers, but also provides a learning opportunity to observe the curiosity of children.