Fujian Province fifth batch of high-level innovation and entrepreneurship personnel reporting work s

Fujian is located in the eastern coast of the province, with the spirit of opening up, bringing together a number of innovative entrepreneurial talent. Recently, Fujian launched the latest batch of high-level entrepreneurial innovation talent selection activities, eligible persons can apply online.

Fujian Province, the introduction of

After the declaration of

in addition, the applicant must obtain a graduate degree, master’s degree or above, age not more than 55 years of age. In the province of well-known enterprises, financial institutions or universities, research institutes, as in senior positions in professional and technical personnel, management personnel or the equivalent of the titles of Professor of experts and scholars, selected should be not less than 3 years, every year on the principle of not less than 6 months of continuous work or Business Hours in fujian. The declaration of the introduction of domestic talent, the introduction of overseas talent, but also have a certain number of years limit.

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