Reality version of crazy stone a few cents of the gem cheated millions

a small production, low investment film "Crazy Stone" attracted the attention of the public, the box office income considerable. In real life, but also staged such a gem fraud case. Unexpected join scam, thought-provoking.

from June 18th to June 25th 8 days, Beijing City 4 to recruit franchisees gem processing industry company has escaped "evaporation" victims of hundreds of people, involving more than a dozen provinces, involving millions of dollars.

$million yuan for the round rich dream


in May this year at the beginning of the day, I watch TV at home, accidentally saw an advertisement investment in a famous television broadcast. Advertising is the artificial gem joint processing, free equipment, free training, to provide raw materials, product recycling, processing costs 3.6 yuan per gem. An excellent entrepreneurial projects, an opportunity to make money not to be missed."

attractive advertising words constantly flipping my heart, he does not sit. The second day, I and a friend drove to the gladful International Center is located in Haidian District Zizhuyuan Road, A block 1019 in the hall, he found the decoration style of Stewart company. The reception is Zhang’s deputy general manager Zhang Panqiang Stewart company. According to Zhang recalls, Zhang pan Qiang at the age of more than and 40, wearing a pair of glasses the ornamental and the combined plain properties, and speak with a southern accent.

"provided by our company are precision processing equipment, one to bring you the annual net profit is 120 thousand yuan, you pay 10600 yuan gold contract compliance, finished 10800 gem after the full refund. If you go on two devices, to bring you an annual net profit of 250 thousand, you pay $19600 contract performance, processing completed after the return of all 16000 gems. You take a look at it, we have invested 1 million yuan, it will not lie to you a few million."

5 13 days, Zhang came to Stewart company again, asked to see the other operating procedures, Zhang Panqiang warm up the business license, tax registration certificate, the Quality Supervision Bureau issued a certificate of organization code recommended