Luoyang robotics and intelligent equipment exhibition magic robot appeared

robots can only be seen on TV, and most of the time as a virtual thing in the show. Now it has become a reality, manufacturers and people’s attention. So, what are the functions of the robot? Let’s take a look at the relevant reports.

yesterday, the three day of the Luoyang robotics and intelligent equipment exhibition, opened in Luoyang Convention and Exhibition center. Exhibition attracted more than and 10 countries and regions, nearly 200 robots and intelligent equipment manufacturers exhibitors.

exhibition site service robot, domestic robot, bionic robot shell and a variety of interesting and practical products, they can sing and dance, when the waiter dining room, the magic is not? Let’s have a look.

[home robot] video calls can also tell the story to the child

is my home shell intelligent robot, the shape is not like half child large egg? I am about 20 cm tall, with a black front screen, above the analog display of the eyes, nose, red face, the body of the bottom of the wheel is able to let me freely on the ground.

don’t look down upon me, my very powerful oh! I can video call, through the installation of APP remote control TV, air conditioning, etc., but also to help you tell the story to the child, and so on. And if you want me to do these things, you have to do is very simple, lying, sitting or standing, in their most comfortable way, voice commands can be issued.

[service robot] can be said to promote sales consulting

my name is Allison, belonging to the wisdom of the service robot. I am about 90 cm tall, the body was columnar, the top of the square screen is my little face". When I speak, my mouth will move, my eyes will blink I would also like to dance.


not only can move freely on a flat surface, but also with human oral communication, to provide advisory services, but also can act as chat escort, salesman, business consultant, has now been applied to the bank service industry etc..

[room robot] hotel has it   room you talk

compared to the first two robots, I do not grow more beautiful? I am intelligent home robot, my height, shape and ordinary people do not make much difference, two hands fixed a big dinner plate, action quickly, is a restaurant service robot.

fusion self motivate, inertial navigation, visual positioning, voice recognition, man-machine conversation technology, my room can automatically avoid obstacles, the stability is very strong, recommended