Women of all ages to breast surgery health network maintenance

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you can do this: eat less spicy food, often have the right chest massage. At the same time also wear solid bra. Bra in addition to prevent breast sagging, shaping the beautiful chest type, the more important role is to prevent the oppression of the breast nerve has been further oppression, eliminate discomfort.

care for themselves, care for the breast, is a woman’s life needs to be careful to operate the cause of health.

most women enjoy a mother, and postpartum recovery and nursing of chest is a big bucket into the breast of the face, because during this period the breast vulnerable to injury and infection are common, lactating adenoma, lipoma, fibroadenoma, fiber cyst, cyst and changes of milk; with the end of the lactation breast will be significantly reduced.

here are the experts please beautiful collect with you a look of women of all ages from adolescence to old age maintenance operation

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you can do: massage and health care on the breast, keep the body exercise, should wear a proper bra size, hold the breast, so that can effectively prevent the increasing change in weight after breast skin tissue expansion dilatation and internal support.

you can do this: in addition to ensure the supply of nutrition for underwear should pay attention to not too tight, too narrow, prevent extrusion, otherwise easily lead to bad habits in the development process caused by nipple retraction.

breast care during lactation to prevent sagging breasts is particularly important. In this critical period, we must pay attention to wear a bra, not nutrition, not too much milk left at the same time, should pay attention to breast health, prevent the occurrence of infection, extrusion. After stopping breastfeeding should pay attention to breast care, in order to prevent the sudden reduction of breast sagging.

with the development of modern society, more and more women because of increased life and work pressure, irritability, depression and other emotional problems, resulting in hyperplasia of mammary glands, mastitis and other diseases of the breast are quietly invasion of unmarried women.

unmarried women in the breast and the incidence of married women was essentially flat. Most unmarried women before and after each menstrual will appear breast pain or nipple itching swelling pain, breast is not only sensitive at this time, but also in the rapid growth. Shaping a good shape is the focus of this stage of conservation.


lactating women

during this period, women should pay attention to overcome the adverse psychological anxiety for breast development and produce, do not squeeze to affect the normal development of the breast bra. Adolescence is the basic period of breast, during which should select the appropriate bra, to prevent damage or sagging occurred in life and work, and labor movement.