13 suitable for college students venture


venture in now is not what fresh words, business groups have gradually extended to college students, but college students lack of social experience, can not be timely access to comprehensive business information, so small in this case we list some suitable for business students to join the project.

one, eight bowls of fragrant fruit surface, dominate the

two (meat sauce, pepper sauce and homemade mayonnaise), two soup (instant soup, fish soup), oil (purple precious seasoning oil incense bowl) in the eight series of pasta in the integrated use of surface cross modulation, halogen, spicy, spicy incense, incense, hot and sour fish, drum, bone a variety of fragrant flavor, food tastes for the north and the south. Hundreds of people make pasta saliva dripping, fragrant smell, then eat a heart, could not help but have the desire, until the belly burst mouth to eat, really long can eat, sweet aftertaste in the nose around the tongue, lung, one day does not eat at the magic. Chongqing pasta experts, eight bowls of fragrant fruit as students start now do what snack business profitable answer, no more than it was awesome results.

two, crispy barbecue, who eat who praise

used in Herb spices with "Jia Luo" as the flavor of immersion, with dozens of raw materials "special sauce fragrance" as materials, the materials with this special two is out of the ordinary "Jia Luo" to burn out food, golden color, crisp and refreshing, very tender, a student of incense, and then lead a person to endless aftertastes. Brush on the sauce fragrance like icing on the cake, the flavor out of the ordinary, four business is booming, no peak seasons.

three, the United States and the United States hot and sour taste delicious

"scent Chili oil" exclusive secret make hundreds of Hot and Sour Rice Noodles known as delicious, competition invincible.

four, odd taste spicy hot rolling out of financial resources

Miss Zhou said, Leshan, the most fun is undoubtedly Xing Xin food Square odd taste spicy hot, is the charm of positive energy."

five, odd taste dry pot delicious soul

entrance, spicy and delicious aftertaste, rap, three days without a break, that is the soul of Sichuan by consumers.

odd flavor string incense is the representative of the modern string of incense brand. Compared with the traditional approach, keep the natural color of food, taste is very pleasant, spicy but not dry mouth, spicy not spicy, delicious but not greasy, eat too long. There is a unique, that is, more flavor, in addition to spicy flavor, there are refreshing taste, sauce flavor, wine flavor, fish flavor, etc., to meet the needs of different diners. No matter where the shop is the most profitable business. What are the college students doing now?