Cosmetics store customers how to reduce the

cosmetics store in order to be a good business, we must find ways to retain customers, the loss of customers has a serious impact on the cosmetics store business. Why is the cosmetics store customers in the reduction? What are the reasons? This is a question that many friends are thinking about. What is the reason for the loss of customers, we will come to a detailed analysis of it.

a business, consumer purchasing power decline?

two, commodity is to restore the original price, the advantage is not in?

first, the large and medium-sized city China consumers have been relatively rational, no one will think particularly cheap goods every day to buy.

Second, the original customer has recovery promotion can accept, because the normal operation of the cosmetics shop at the same time special offer recovery would do other similar promotional merchandise. People have become accustomed to this mode of operation.

three, no fresh feeling, not to love?