Yaozhang also need good timing

many people love shopping for credit, for the owner, you need to account. However, on account of easy, but a technical job, also need the shopkeepers good timing, it is possible to account for success. In a word, the shop to do retail, especially rural retail households, credit is the most vexing and helpless thing.

retail customers are rural households with acquaintances, will inevitably encounter when temporary inconvenience to the store, get the goods after a moment to tell you the inconvenience, wait a few days for the money, at this time, not to take the goods is not possible, after all, are next door neighbours acquaintances, bow to see the rise, also feel shy don’t let credit.


, a good expansion even three points, as the retailer, the cost is limited, the profits are very low, it is not a person occasionally on what is terrible, almost everyone has inconvenient time, even more exasperating is that some people do not consciously, after credit, not to mention pay for things, even when you have the cash, in order not to bypass the closeout, buy elsewhere when the goods, no money, will again and again three to credit, just opened outlets, one is no experience, at the same time, also feel shy refused, the credit is more and more, I raise 960 yuan to open the store. The peak of credit amounted to ten thousand yuan, I got around to borrow money to purchase, almost closed collapse.

learned a lesson, I also treated separately for credit to those who once the credit, is not ready to pay the nail house, I was determined not to credit, but also explain their difficulties, their action is not convenient to business with a small capital, no credit, ability, hope of understanding each other, and those just a temporary inconvenience customers, once the money will pay immediately, I will meet your need, as a result, the store’s liquidity was guaranteed, the operation is normal.

looked for this thing, really need to use the brain, identify the timing, the rural work and Shouqiu, all families have to sell food, the two time is the best season to account for this time, I will be at the appropriate time to remind the store account customers to take debts knot, otherwise I can’t purchase.

for those who hide not to meet the customer, I had to use the night time wheelchair in person to explain their difficulties, for each other’s credit, it is also good, a lot of people show common, knew that I was not the end of hills and rivers action inconvenience, I will personally come to account at the same time, they also understand that my account at home, is to their face, there was really no bill, and also promised to try to resolve as soon as possible.


account is also a secret, is to identify the object, a family had a good talk and financial management person, usually encountered when they went to the store, I will by the way home and who.