A duck neck shop why business failed

in the many people’s eyes, the duck is a very popular snack, start a duck neck shop can basically realize the profit to make money. However, in the real operation process, we will find that a lot of duck neck shop are all ended in failure. Then, a duck neck shop why business failure? And let Xiaobian through a case for analysis.

I open duck neck shop is also a momentary brain fever, don’t want to work. I am open duck neck shop in Shanghai, and the most open Lucai shop friend almost all want to be a boss to do business to earn a lot of money. Look at the Internet to say that the shop to earn a few hundred days a day to earn a few thousand people is simply a lie, and now the intestines are green.

shop threw more than 50 thousand, eight thousand is the house transfer fee, rent for a year is ten thousand, just opened the winter day turnover is three hundred or four hundred yuan. Think about it is a warm winter so good, and now four more miserable turnover of only $fifty to $more than and 100.

The main reason why

is cooked too much to worry about, even a difficult process, Lucai too cumbersome, the beginning that is too fine diners taste spicy. Then how hot do not improve, Lucai knows a little spicy spicy duck neck is not delicious.


customers are tasteless is not good, so repeatedly improved in love to eat spicy customers also gradually lost, not love to eat spicy food has gradually gone, a lot of friends that can engage in two kinds of taste ah, the traffic here is not much, for example, there are nine people like a person does not love to eat spicy spicy food, do you order this one single business do not hot pot stewed soup? You can not afford the cost of ah!

there is another reason is that after the opening of the Shanghai found that many locals, foreigners less. Local recognition is not high on the local duck neck, people love to drink milk and eat fried chicken burger, next to the tea shop in Hamburg business fire out. Process and tea Hamburg is much simpler than meat, and easy to store, miserable ah.

I have duck taste is very good, but the traffic can not keep up, sell today tomorrow, tomorrow the day after tomorrow to sell, so good is not good, I turn or after working honestly, now calculate the loss of nearly one hundred thousand, now also open whimsical Lucai shop must be careful, I is a living example, do not impulse.

now there are a lot of people to start a shop is a behavior to follow the trend of the market is not enough to understand the consumer positioning is not clear, leading to the real shop will continue to open up a variety of problems. So, if we decided to shop business, if only to follow the trend to do for the future career development will have a very negative impact.