Buy wedding or rent wedding market to usher in different development

what kind of consumption, for the development of the entire market will have a different influence. So, when you choose to buy a wedding or rent a wedding dress, will affect the further development of the wedding market. Although the wedding day of the wedding is still the majority of new couples, but recently, there are more and more brides in Wenzhou to Hangzhou, Suzhou to buy wedding, and gradually become a trend.

what are the reasons for these Buyuanqianli bride to Suzhou, Hangzhou to buy a wedding dress? Price is the key work in the television station Miss Sun tells the truth, she said, in Suzhou, a good wedding is 400~500 yuan, buy a wedding dress here belongs to civilian consumption, but also can be used as a precious souvenir from the health and personality aspects, buy, also far better than rent. Miss Sun said, now in Wenzhou, there are more and more people like her idea.

by the reporter, in the three places to choose to buy the wedding, there are pros and cons, you can choose their own actual situation.

Suzhou: Wedding street

Suzhou, Huqiu Road, just a few hundred meters, gathered dozens of wedding shops, known as the wedding street". There are several well-known "happy time", "Danny poetry", "stunning", "Rose Robe" and so on. Here the wedding is mostly in the local processing, so the main price difference is in the fabric, fabric superior wedding price between four hundred or five hundred yuan, the average of $one hundred or two hundred will be able to win. If you have a favorite style in magazines, you can also let the store to help you make the time in a week or so.

Huqiu Road happiness dress Co. Ltd. is responsible for capital construction Jane told reporters that the past two years, in addition to the surrounding Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou and other places, to buy the wedding couple from Wenzhou is the largest, especially during the holidays. However, the reporter also found that from Wenzhou to Suzhou, the car ride to Hangzhou than to be more than a few hours, there is no new weekend to pay attention to the new round of good round-trip time.

Hangzhou: First come, first served.

in addition to go to Suzhou to buy wedding, Hangzhou, according to the wedding market is also a good choice. According to materials, Hangzhou wedding market is located in Hangzhou City, North Qiutao Road, dress more concentrated on the third floor. It is reported that, because here about 70% of the wedding from Suzhou, the price is slightly expensive than Suzhou, but because of its close to Wenzhou, but also get a lot of Wenzhou bride favor.

according to the Hangzhou Sun Yuyan wedding market office, told reporters that the market is based on the early photographic material, which began to become mainstream products in the past four or five years. She also told reporters that although the market does not have specific statistics, but now to the market to buy wedding in addition to Hangzhou, the most is Wenzhou.