Female sex is easy to cause 3 damage breast health net

female sex to breast pain.

women into sexual excitement, breast congestion increased, reaching orgasm, breast increased by 1/4. After the sexual satisfaction, breast congestion, swelling and regression of cyclical changes, is conducive to promoting blood circulation within the breast.


sex sex drive long-term existence of suppression, not to meet, so dairy households congestion is not easy to fade or disappeared completely, persistent swelling make breast distending pain.

3, female frigidity induced breast cancer.

2, female frigidity prompted lobular hyperplasia.

bad mental stimulation leads to depression, anxiety, loneliness is the catalyst of the lobular hyperplasia of the breast "". The psychological state of chronic cold is in a state of inhibition, resulting in endocrine disorders and lack of regulation, over time it is easy to suffer from lobular hyperplasia of the breast.

lobular hyperplasia of the breast, also known as breast hyperplasia, is the most common female breast disease, accounting for about 60% of all breast diseases, more common in 35-45 years old, a small number of patients can be converted to breast cancer. It was found that frigidity or sexual disharmony is an important inducing factor of lobular hyperplasia of mammary gland.

data show that in patients with breast cancer, the age of unmarried, widowed function is low, the proportion of females was significantly higher than other groups. This suggests that the risk of breast cancer is greatly increased in women who have no normal sex and sex. Women with long-term mental depression tend to be cold, and these people are also prone to breast cancer.