Analysis of two characteristics of marketing strategy

in this new era, if you want to make your own business with good hot development, also need to take more marketing strategy, so that it can be faced with fierce competition, can have a good market. Here, let Xiaobian to analyze the two characteristics of the marketing strategy, to see whether such marketing will help your career development.

1, a unique junk letter

in the United States, often receive some printed with "important!" "Urgent, please reply immediately!" "Emergency, ×, × prior to the date of reply!" Letter letter. These seemingly important letters are just advertising and orders for products".

these junk letter variety, in order to attract the attention of consumers and readers, the sender ingenuity.

letter form design very exquisite, beautifully printed, some even posing as official notification letter, the envelope marked the marker, mailing address is "the Federal Bureau of investigation," a bold headline "warrant notice", but a closer look will find a line of small print: "to receive cash prizes or notice, open inside the envelope was" a certain invitation".

some of the letters can be used to buy goods, and some video can be seen for 15 days, and even the steak can be used dry mail.

this "send spam" have a unique style, it is difficult for consumers to refuse.

The power of

2, break up the whole into parts

American Carle opened a small shop.

At the beginning of the

, the business was slack, and then he had to make a careful decision, so he could buy any item in the store as soon as the customer took out one dollar.

his sales approach has attracted a large number of customers, sales of more than a few large department stores near.

he later changed his business the silk shop, and in the mode of operation of a new, decided to purchase $10 of goods in the store, can receive a white ticket; product 5 Baiquan convertible blue ticket; product 5 Lanquan convertible red ticket; a red ticket may choose a piece of goods in the shop.

this "Carle sale", made him a millionaire. Also affect the marketing strategy of many businesses.

is now doing business competition is so fierce, if anything, I am afraid it is difficult to survive in the market down, therefore, as operators, natural also need to learn more by.