Energy saving stove ten brands list


to cook, they will naturally use to the stove, stove and the energy saving effect of different brands, will naturally not the same, and under the power of science and technology, energy saving stove has come out true product for us. In fact, the energy saving stove is a kind of cooking stove which can save energy by avoiding air burn or full combustion. The appearance of energy saving stove reduces the damage to the atmosphere and the threat to human health. The next inventory for those who have a good reputation, good quality energy-saving stove ten brands list.

energy saving stove ten brands list NO., FOTILE

FOTILE kitchenware Co., Ltd., founded in 1996 in Ningbo. China 500 most valuable brands, A Well-Known Trademark in China, the pursuit of high-quality, user-friendly design, the concept of healthy living environment, and establish a good brand image for FOTILE, has always been a leader in high-end kitchen electric one.

energy saving stove ten brands list NO., Vatti

Vatti, belonging to Vatti Limited by Share Ltd, its predecessor was founded in 1992, Zhongshan Vatti Appliance Co. Ltd., a famous brand in Guangdong Province, but also the influence of brand kitchen industry. At present, the formation of Vatti products, including stoves, range hoods, water heaters and other more than and 500 varieties, gas water heaters and range hoods have entered the national industry three.

energy saving stove ten brands list NO., boss


The boss of

stove is Hangzhou boss Limited by Share Ltd’s products, founded in 1979, specializing in the production of high-end hood, gas stove, sterilizer, cooker and other kitchen appliances, is the leading brand kitchen appliances industry recognized brand, has been awarded the China, A Well-Known Trademark in China honor. The boss has a number range of disruptive technologies created in the kitchen, without dismantling the machine, the main fire – gas stoves. Boss in the gas stove has also developed a variety of more scientific series of products, including fine control of the main fire series, the main fire in the middle of the series, gas and electricity combined with its columns, poly in the fire series.

energy saving stove ten brands list NO. four, Sakura

Sakura Sakura (Chinese) range is one of the main products of Limited by Share Ltd. Sakura a variety of gas stove, range hood and low NOx series gas water heater China won the quality certification center of the "energy saving products" and "green products" certification; whole cherry kitchen is "the most quality assurance ten brand", "Jiangsu province Consumer Association recommended products", Chinese environmental label "cabinet" standard drafting unit and, through the cabinet industry China environmental mark (ten ring) product certification.

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