German companies to the Yangzhou canal waste acid 2698.1 tons – net

in this cold winter, we are not only troubled by low temperatures, but also worried about the serious environmental pollution, let us drink a clean water to breathe fresh air into a luxury! According to a January 3rd report, the German enterprises are listed companies China DyStar Longsheng group after the acquisition of its subordinate DyStar (Nanjing) Limited for the night to dye the canal waste acid 2698.1 tons, the company is the Yangzhou intermediate court constituted the crime of polluting the environment, a fine of 20 million yuan.

reporter learned that, after professional assessment, the 2698.1 tons of waste acid sulfate average concentration of 59.34%, more than the standard numerical crime of hundreds of times, and waste sites in the river of high density, water rich, has caused many adjacent areas were forced to stop water water.

black company to dispose of waste acid according to the request of a ton rebate

DyStar is the world’s largest manufacturer of textile dyes, dye is the first Department Bayer 3 German companies with established company, after the acquisition of an American investment company.

Zhejiang Longsheng (600352, stock it) group is a chemical and other business oriented enterprises, listed on the Shanghai stock exchange. In 2010, Longsheng Group Holdings DyStar global company, began to take over the world dye industry the right to speak. DyStar (Nanjing) Co., Ltd is Zhejiang Longsheng dye group company ltd..

DyStar (Nanjing) dyestuff Co. Ltd. was founded in 2004, there have been two German general manager. Before 2010, the company generated during the production of waste acid was neutralized with pH value to meet the requirements, and then sent to the wastewater treatment plant for disposal of sewage disposal is expensive but SembCorp, so, the disposal cost per ton to $3000.

After the acquisition of the company’s stake in Zhejiang Longsheng group, the Chinese people as general manager and legal representative lee. Responsible for the disposal of waste acid company executive assistant Wang Jun contacted the Nanjing Shun long Chemical Co., Ltd. to operate the Wang Zhanrong.

Wang Jun did not dispose of the waste acid qualification in knowing that the company can only invoices issued by the transport situation, still with the king of Zhanrong reached 580 yuan per ton of waste acid disposal of the oral agreement. In charge of the company when he knew the Yellow tank into the shunjiu waste acid disposal company has no qualification, still in charge of transport and waste Wang Zhanrong butt acid.

Wang Jun admitted that he had received about 30 thousand yuan worth of Wang Zhanrong shopping card. Huang Jinjun admitted that from January 2011 to early 2014, he received a rebate of $20 per ton, the proportion of $50 to Wang Zhanrong. By checking the number of monthly shipment of waste acid, Wang Zhanrong has 8 times to pay $281 thousand to march into the yellow.