Children’s clothing store Guide

many people choose to open children’s clothing stores, mining opportunities in the children’s market. Indeed, the industry has broad prospects for development, once you decide to invest, you need to pay more attention to shop. For example, decoration, you pay attention to it? If you don’t know, you can learn.

A, warm clothing store design, store decoration and furnishings in some very delicate and lovely doll, will definitely attract children’s attention, the design of the shop lights also enhances the visual effect and the sense of space. The color match in the shop is very light and harmonious.

two, the store layout and planning is very reasonable and has obvious function district, from the decorative paint on the wall to the ceiling of the small decoration reflects full of childlike innocence, to create the world of the child, the whole tone is light yellow, give a person a kind of warm and soft feel.

three, the color is attracting the language of children, good use of color collocation can make the decoration of the multiplier effect. Designers bold use of lemon yellow and apple green two colors as the theme color, not only reflects the lively and lovely children to the store to add a lot of vitality.

four, m in white tone, green and orange as the ornament, is very harmonious, shelf design freely changeable, characteristics show the clothing from multi direction, pay attention to the interactive experience in the renovation process, both adults and children can have a happy shopping experience.

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