Summer underwear how to choose ‘s health network

choice of underwear not simply as a symbol of beauty, in fact, for your health is crucial, underwear for women, is not only for beauty, but in order to protect the health of the breast. So in the hot summer, how to choose the most suitable for their underwear? Experts said that the choice should focus on the underwear material, and now commonly used underwear fabrics include cotton, silk, chemical fiber and other three kinds of.


called silk textiles in the "Queen", people accept it not only because of its beautiful light, soft and smooth, largely because it has unique functions: permeability. In the hot summer, the moisture absorption and air permeability of the silk underwear are beneficial to adjust the temperature and humidity of the human body.


wear chemical fiber fabric is easy, soft, crisp, and colorful, has always been loved by the people. However, they have a certain degree of irritation to the skin. Because the chemical fiber fabric is the raw material from coal, oil and natural gas and other polymeric compounds or compounds containing extract, some substances can easily become allergens, once in the body, will cause allergic dermatitis, itching, pain, caused by swelling or blisters etc.. In addition, this kind of fabric is breathable and hygroscopic, greatly affect the evaporation of sweat and skin to breathe.

cotton seeds from the cotton fiber is very easy to be dyed a variety of colors, and cotton fiber permeability and sweat, is the main material used in most underwear. In addition, the durability of cotton fiber is also recognized.

(internship editor: Gong Yanli)