Baotou hosted the inaugural meeting – Lei Feng pioneer League all volunteer

Lei Feng’s story has been circulating in people’s mouth, a lot of people will miss Lei Feng, although he is gone, but his spirit has been inherited. Chen literature volunteer volunteer service studio Lei Feng pioneer volunteer alliance Inaugural Conference and pioneer region hundred volunteer activities conference.

2017 March 5th is president Mao Zedong proposed "learn from Comrade Lei Feng" 54 anniversary, but also China’s eighteenth "Youth Volunteer Service Day", to vigorously promote the dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress "voluntary service spirit, to further promote the Qingshan District Chen Wenxue studio learning from Lei Feng volunteer service activities normalization.

2 on the afternoon of 28 August, Pioneer Road Street organized a volunteer volunteer service studio Chen literature Lei Feng pioneer League inaugural conference cum pioneer region hundred volunteer activities conference. Area schools, residents, the old party members and other hundreds of volunteers participated in the event.

in Baotou, people organized the activities of Lei Feng, has received a positive response from the community. All services provided by the residents and units free of charge. At the meeting, Li Quchang on 2016 to carry out the work carried out by Chen literary studio work, I hope the 2017 make persistent efforts to continue to promote voluntary service. At the end of the event, participants visited the exhibition hall and Lei Feng Mao Zedong galleries.

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