College students to open the chicken shop grassroots perfect counterattack

a lot of college students every time after entering junior high, will begin to have a sense of urgency. Because you have to find a job, internship. And Liu Jilu did not take the unusual way, he chose to start in the junior fried chicken shop, but also achieved quite good results.

"big 3 I want to sell fried chicken!" This is the Tianjin University Institute of Electronic Science and technology students Liu Jilu’s fried chicken declaration. Liu boss’s goal is to create their own brand of food and beverage, towards the city and even the national university".

for the first time in the entrepreneurial process, Liu Jilu noticed a seemingly ordinary fried chicken. Boss’s hard work, so that Liu Jilu and partners have a resonance. Since then, the original meeting of the entrepreneurial team turned into a fried chicken meeting in the store. From time to time, fried chicken shop owner will join them to discuss, the feeling that everyone is boiling.

In fact,


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