Be vigilant! Areola color deepened disease signal female health network

is the annular region around the nipple areola pigmentation of the skin deep. Hormone levels in female body color and areola, if the nipple and areola color deepened suddenly, could signal the onset of disease.

some women, even if no pregnancy, nipple and areola color will gradually deepen gradually, from pink brown to dark brown, in this case, if the breast examination found no pathological changes, change the color of it may suggest the female is "a". Estrogen increased, when estrogen levels returned to normal, color also returned to normal.

2, if the color becomes dark brown or dark brown, and found a small nodule formation around the glands, and even the formation of protrusions, but did not check the breast lesions, then should consider whether there is a serious liver disease;

The change of normal



1, if the nipple and areola color deepened and surrounded by double nipple and areola itching, and breast examination showed bilateral or unilateral breast hyperplasia lesions or cystic hyperplasia, suggests increased estrogen levels, as target organs began to breast lesions;

3, if a female suffering from ovarian benign tumor, can make ovarian estrogen secretion increased, which led to the nipple and areola color deepened, glands around can also appear many small nodules. If this is the case, the patient should be as soon as possible to the regular hospital gynecological treatment, in order to identify the cause, a clear diagnosis, timely treatment.

2, a transient change in

women from early pregnancy to the nipple and areola color will gradually deepen, gradually changing from pink to dark brown, this is because women after pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone increased by

but if it happens, it could be a sign of a seizure.

normal female areola diameter of about 3 cm to 4 cm, various colors were red roses, puberty, pregnancy, lactation, pigmentation deepened, dark brown; and for different women, areola size and color are also different, usually white skin tends to pink, and darker skin tends to be brown.

1, pregnancy change

(internship editor: He Lili)

therefore, women should always check whether there is a change in the shape of the breast. Can stand in front of the mirror, akimbo right left slowly rotating body to see whether there is a depression, nipple and breast swelling or skin damage, then both hands hold on the hips and press down firmly, turn the body at the same time, it will make the breast contour is clear. Such as abnormal changes, should be compared with the other side, bilateral breast view is symmetrical, such as asymmetry, will go to the hospital for consultation.