Do business to make money, but also the integrity of the first

"integrity management" for the development of the store is really a direct relationship, and even can directly determine the survival of a store. I live in the district recently opened two small supermarkets, a door opened in the cell on the left, the other opened in the right side of the cell door. Before you go to the city to buy things, it is convenient, you can go downstairs to buy daily necessities.

two stores tied on both sides of the door, do the same business, will naturally produce competition. But left the shop hostess zuitian, see the people in the village will be warmly greeted, people buy things will be more natural to her to go to the shop. And the owner of the right side of the shop is a man of few words, his business is very cold.

there are a few times, I bought from the supermarket on the left side of the thing, the wife is too expensive, that is more expensive than in other stores. In this regard, I am very understanding of his wife, said: "people serve you home, how much to earn a little!"

one day, I went to the supermarket shopping, and found that the left side of the small supermarket closed the door, then went to the right of the small supermarket. When I pay, I feel that the price of the goods is much cheaper than the left, they asked the shop owner: "such a low price, you can make money?"

he smiled and said to me: "my purchase channel and the city’s big supermarket is the same. Big supermarket sales, but the cost of a lot of my shop sales small, but also to pay the cost is less, the income is stronger than work."

it did not take long, I actually found that more and more people began to go to the right side of the store to go shopping, and no longer go to the left side of the store. Even if the woman mouth sweet, go to her store shopping is still less and less.

, however, the smart woman soon realized that her opponent was taking the customer at a low price. So soon, her small supermarket door hanging on the price of goods, and the price of each commodity is lower than the right side of the small supermarket.

this trick really played a significant role, there are a lot of people were attracted to her back. But after a few days, customers have returned to the right of the small supermarket shopping. I heard many people say that the women in the store’s low price goods are some poor quality goods! The results can be imagined, not long after the smart woman on the small supermarket can not go on, from the shop to the door, but just 8 months time.

Although there are many factors that determine the success of a business, but in the current business community, integrity is particularly valuable, but also can have a direct impact on the survival of the store

. Thus, the integrity of the greatest value, only to accumulate their own good faith, to harvest a steady stream.