Analysis of investment cost of milk tea store

two seasons throughout the year are the cold and can not take off the relationship between the three, that is to remove the rest of the summer, the remaining seasons – spring, autumn, winter, and the relationship between the three seasons. Food and beverage drink hot tea is a popular consumer goods. Tea market is good, a lot of entrepreneurs in the early venture investors will focus on the tea market, the initial cost of investment in the initial cost of milk has become the most concerned about the issue of investors.

milk tea shop is now generally joined, so in the calculation of the cost of the first to consider the cost of joining. According to the number of brands and the company to provide services to determine the situation. There are a lot of tea brands may be divided into different grades to join, which is mainly reflected in the use of the brand, management training, technical training, store drawings design, follow-up research and development of new products and technical support.

and then tea shop decoration costs. Store decoration is likely to affect the customer’s impression of the store, so as to decide whether to enter the consumer, and thus the store design decoration is very important. How much the cost depends on the size of the store and the quality of the decoration materials. General headquarters designers will be based on the size of the franchisee and the size of the requirements of the body to make decoration design. According to past experience, the decoration of a standard tea shop costs will be around 2 to 30 thousand.

is a tea shop equipment and personnel costs. Tea shop equipment, a full set of equipment, utensils and appliances may be counted down to forty or fifty, or even more. It mainly includes sealing machine, water heater, juicer, ice machine, press, refrigerator, freezer and so on. In terms of staff, to open a milk tea shop in general to recruit two employees, their monthly salary of 1500 yuan (wages according to the operating conditions of the store and the city’s consumption level) is added up to $3000.

is the cost of rent and electricity consumption. Store rent will be different because of its location, size and other factors, according to the average level, the monthly rent will be around 3000 yuan. Equipment maintenance costs coupled with utilities and other expenses may be around 1000 yuan / month.

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