Entrepreneurship can not rely on a fever

a lot of people doing things, often do not think too much, just by virtue of their whims, then put into action, often will suffer heavy losses, especially in business, the more can not is the idea of the moment, if you don’t believe me, let me see small series analysis for you!

Zhao Yongchun "let me put in more than 60 thousand, the project took the money!" "I want to work in water purification project, can not well address!"…… Tiexi Xinghua South Street, a number of laid-off workers talking about the hardships of entrepreneurship, mutual grievances.

and took over is a transfer of 16 square meters of the facade, pay 4000 yuan of equipment transfer fee to pay a monthly rent of 1400 yuan commitment. The results of the first day of business only 38 yuan business, the next few days is going from bad to worse, a month down thousands of dollars. Regret that Mr. Liu realized that the project was too hasty.

however, opened more than a month, the average daily turnover of only tens of dollars, had had to shut down. She concluded that it was due to a fever. Fever, the investment industry and the project will be a lack of judgment, the risk will be much greater than the opportunity.