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is still affected by various hormones. Women in puberty, breast is mainly affected by formation of secondary sexual characteristics of estrogen development; and pregnancy by prolactin effects will again increase and the secretion of milk. If there is a difference in the sensitivity of the two sides of the breast tissue to the hormone, so that the growth or development of the breast after the reduction of different speed, it may lead to asymmetry.

in recent years, clinical epidemiological data have also found that breast asymmetry, especially severe malformations, increases the risk of breast cancer. Unlike many people, breast asymmetry is not only a sign of breast cancer, but also a warning". The mechanism is that there is not a complete explanation, but estrogen metabolism and both are closely linked; there are also analyzed that asymmetry and cancer may be deleterious mutations in breast cells reflect the different periods of different.

female breasts, to the big said to feed the human civilization, to the small that it is related to the beauty of each woman. Although the shape of breast size preferences are Different people, different views. thing, but the aesthetic standards of bilateral breast symmetry is recognized as. Breast asymmetry, a big one small, it has become a lot of women’s troubles.

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in the embryonic development of the thoracic tissue may result in significant morphological differences in the development and growth. Mainly for bilateral breast, nipple and areola of different sizes, or not at the same level.

breast asymmetry is not uncommon, in the hospital for plastic surgery in the treatment of female patients, about half of all suffer from this problem. Although symmetry is the basic requirement of aesthetic, but in fact, whether it is the face, limbs or breasts, the absolute symmetry does not exist; about 10% of women’s breasts there is obvious asymmetry visible to the naked eye.

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of course, breast cancer is the result of many aspects of genetic, environmental and other aspects of the role of breast asymmetry is only one of the many known risk factors, patients do not have to add insult to injury, to add more

with the growth of age, bilateral breast asymmetry to women’s psychological pressure may also lead to a series of serious psychological sexual dysfunction, affecting the normal life of patients and families.

of course, in addition to congenital factors, acquired disease, trauma may also cause the appearance of breast deformity.

breast asymmetry in patients, many of the formation of a visible asymmetry in adolescence, and this difference with their peers often make them self deprecating, depression, and fear of social activities. Because adolescence is an important period of personality formation, breast asymmetry may cause serious damage to the psychological development of the patient’s life.

is not limited to the breast tissue itself, but also may be from the pectoralis major, rib or other chest tissue problems, resulting in asymmetric breast shape.