A truly rich model

investment to choose the project started by the interest, keep up with market demand, good experience from the failure of the experience, and constantly follow up. Summarize the success of your project, and then do it, and you will succeed.

first no matter how much money and resources, in the absence of business experience, can get a small investment, familiar and interested in the industry to enter, the business purpose is not for profit, but to observe and learn, known as tuition period.

reason lies in the understanding of a new project has population of a region, if the new products can not be accepted soon, then you need to cultivate the market, like Joyoung Soybean Milk machine has just come out, a lot of people is not recognized, but also all the way to the cultivation of the market, to cultivate people’s health the concept of diet, then let people accept, then the sales of its products. However, the risk of doing so is very large, the operation is successful, the proceeds do not have to say, once the failure, it will make their losses.

and now a lot of people are starting from the success of the traditional small items, such as cakes, Steamed Buns, rich features, alter the taste, to win the market, big business. So a project is not to see how much it can earn much money, the project on how good, but it must have a market demand, but the demand is not necessarily blank.

selected, then it is necessary to calculate the opportunities are, how much you can get from the profits, and try to practice small scale and scope. At this time there should be a relatively perfect planning program. If the practice proves feasible, then do not hesitate to launch the project. However, it should be noted that the market is not your home, so the way to avoid risks to think first, the funds to be prepared. Don’t believe that winning when you fight to win or die, facing this kind of situation, you tend to collapse without a battle. And then, it’s a little bit of a copy of the taste. Summarize the success of your project, and then do it, and you will succeed.


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