Four new experience of cigarette sales

how to be able to make cigarettes have a higher product sales, which is the current number of shopkeepers are thinking about the problem, of course, I am also in the process of continuous summary of some of the experience. Seven or eight years ago, I opened a grocery store in the old street of Zhongshan Torch Development zone. But in the past two years, the traditional grocery store in the new convenience stores and supermarkets under the impact of the business began to decline. As a result, I opened a smoke in the transformation of the hotel, the name of Xuan Xuan Trading Firm, the main cigarette and high-grade liquor.

new store opened early, due to the limited number of cigarettes, mainly for some best-selling brands, cigarette sales did not achieve the desired income. In this bottleneck period, tobacco companies’s account manager in a timely manner to provide me with business advice, business is booming.

2013, with the help of tobacco companies, my firm construction to become the province’s first modern cigarette retail terminal stores, store image by using the unified "take on an altogether new aspect, Yueyan appearance identification, neat and beautiful, greatly enhance the visibility of the shop, enhance customer trust, have more loyal and stable customers business on the upgrade. Looking back on the road of doing business in the past few years, I have four "update" experience of cigarette sales.

update business concept

because I run a grocery store for a long time, after the transformation of tobacco business, still holding the old business concept, as long as there is smoke on the line, the other is not important. I am trying to participate in the construction of modern retail terminal under the patience of the account manager. By taking the cigarette business knowledge of special training, customer manager in store guidance, I have a new understanding of cigarette sales, brand sales structure feel novel unified "Yueyan" logo, a good image of the store, the cigarette display, reasonable for cigarette sales promotion. With the concept of advancing with the times, the store’s business has become better.

update cigarette display

in the construction of modern cigarette retail terminal, store cigarette display is more messy, unrelated to the cigarette sundries placed in the cigarette sales area. The modern cigarette retail terminal building, I shop cigarette display area with a 180 degree change, neat appearance of the display cabinet, a novel loading display, orderly and zero packs displayed in the key areas of gold to nurture the brand, for customers with a strong visual impact. Now customers are full of praise for my cigarettes, I boast that the more professional business, and more natural back. Recently, the new "Double Happiness" (post HI) for sale, I take the initiative to open up "in the display area Double Happiness" (post HI) display area, to attract the attention of consumers, promote the sales of new products.

update marketing