Entrepreneurship is not easy to pay attention to these venture pit

as a friend or want to start a business friend, you must be able to start their own business can be smooth. However, in fact, entrepreneurship is not so simple, whether you are facing the business of the numerous links in the pit it? Want to start a business success, pay attention to these venture pit.

11 years of business a small, open bar, buy goods, send out the tide, so a few years class; also opened advertising company, PR company, sales company, network technology company. Compared to peers, really can be regarded as an entrepreneur, today, a look at his personal experience after the venture, how to count 11 years of entrepreneurship on the road encountered the five pit.

the first pit, is concerned about!

for entrepreneurs, more attention should be focused on the macro, such as a profession or a field. I started 09 years ago, is doing the old line, the field of real estate marketing planning, money is very good. A year later, I feel good in the field of marketing experience and qualifications, and friends to engage in the production of agricultural and sideline products brand. In fact, this kind of thing is to concentrate on delay then, also did not play to their expertise. After a very painful experience, decisively back, but missed the best years of industry development.

second pit, partner!

I start early science, absolutely only is a professional person, you can do a partner, or more utilitarian, who can help the company make money, who can be a partner. Oh, my God, I’ve been in this pit for years.