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6, early radiotherapy affects

had chest radiation therapy (such as radiotherapy of Hodgkin’s lymphoma) women may increase breast cancer risk.

3, genetic factors

what causes breast cancer? So far there is no clear idea of what causes breast cancer in women, and we know only a few of the risk factors that may increase the risk of developing the disease. The risk factors mentioned here, is that we can avoid some control, and some we cannot change, for example, we can control the unhealthy diet to reduce the possibility of illness, but due to illness or family history of age the tendency we incapable of action. All women are at risk of developing breast cancer, and there are a number of factors that increase the risk of developing the disease.

5, the history factor

research shows that about 5-10% of the patients with breast cancer risk factors is mutations in certain genes (especially BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes), if women from the parents to have a genetic mutation of the gene, compared to other people, she is more likely to suffer from breast cancer. More than half of the women with genetic mutations will have breast cancer at the age of 70.

increased with age, the likelihood of breast cancer also increased

7, atypical hyperplasia

were more likely to develop breast cancer than women who had been born, and women who were 30 years of age had a greater risk of developing breast cancer than women who were born before the age of 30

breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer in women (lung cancer is the number one), but among women ages 45 to 55, breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer in women.

2, age factor

secondary factors

4, family history factor

Women who did not have

1, sex factor

2, menstrual

if the biopsy results show that the presence of irregular tissue hyperplasia of breast tissue, which often indicates that the possibility of breast cancer increased.

if the family has a consanguineous relationship with relatives who had breast cancer, then she had a higher risk of breast cancer than the average person. If her mother, sister, daughter had suffered from the disease, she would be twice as likely to develop breast cancer, and if her relatives had breast cancer before the age of 50, she would be more likely to develop the disease.

1, fertility factor

as a woman, you have the greatest risk of breast cancer.

if you have found in one side of the breast cancer cells, then the incidence of the other side of the breast is greatly increased.

main influencing factors