To be able to do business and shop

had set up shop in order to meet the parties to the customer, open the door is to do business, but if always with the customer, how to deal with such a business? The supermarket next door is bustling and some people quarrel. The spectators crowded the pavement. There was a scream from the crowd, and the crowd began to riot. A noisy home run, they said it hit up by telephone call 110.

doesn’t have much to do. Passers by bought a box of milk from the supermarket next door. The boss bully people look unfamiliar, give others a box there are 5 days over the shelf life of milk. Customers are careless, did not look at the shelf life to buy back. Today opened the drink, did not intend to see the two days after the shelf life. The customer came ablaze with anger for the return, the boss does not agree to a refund. The boss ridiculed others: you can afford to buy things in rural areas, where there is also a return to buy the truth. I sold it to you, but it didn’t expire."

customer anxious: "I flushed a box of 24 boxes of milk can not drink for 5 days, you clearly look down upon the rural people bully me, miles!" He made you the debate each other. Don’t know who first hand, two people pushed up, the boss took the mop head pumping customers. Pushing, the milk shelf collapsed, a mess on the floor. 110 over, the supermarket closed lock, police car to take them to the police station mediation.

As the saying goes: Friendliness is conducive to business success.

. Which financial loss". We do retail shop owner, do not know how many customers to contact every day. Ten fingers stretched out there is still a long way, not to mention the different character. We first do is the integrity of business, do not fool customers, not opportunistic. Business process will inevitably encounter misunderstanding, we must not impulse. In the face of angry customers come to question, we have to appease each other’s emotions, listen to the customer’s complaints, do the best possible to help customers solve problems.

if we are a passer-by, often see a shop owner and the customer has a contradiction, I will enter such a shop shopping? People are emotional animal, the heart. We deal with the conflict of misunderstanding, the other party will put ourselves in our shoes. Try to be happy. Three sentence statement in June, abusable cold. If we can get along well with our customers, we are not hostile, we are mutually beneficial, we provide customers with goods, bring convenience and bring considerable profits. And gas and gas business, will naturally attract repeat customers, money rolling.