Yude dry pot in details – ask to join the brand

I don’t know if you know Yude dry pot in the brand, the brand is a project to present a more popular consumer. But in the Yude dry pot is a well-known brand in delicacy are Chongqing, there are many problems for the brand to join unclear investors can look at this

asked: "join Yude dry pot house" project, about how much money to invest in


answer: you can communicate with the headquarters of our customer service staff in detail, our professional customer service staff in accordance with your situation, will provide you with personalized service, the general investment of 15-35 million can shop.

Q: do you have a high fee for joining the project? Is it worth investing in?

answer: in order to let more low-income people can also find a suitable to do business, in order to allow more people to join our ranks, although our affiliate fees low, but it includes not only the support of a set of technical training and detailed guidance to shop, brand licensing, late technology also, including the success of our business philosophy, our project is not worth your investment, but also by your own choice. If you choose the right projects and partners, their business is like the rapid advance on the road, the development of.

Q: what conditions do you need to join


answer: (1) a pair of industrious hands, hard-working excellent quality.

(2) healthy body.

(3) non empty, concerned heaven yearn day and night, and people do not care about the Friendliness is conducive to business success., generous feelings.

(4) has a sense of responsibility to the customer

(5) the necessary start-up funding and strong support from the family.

Q: headquarters can provide services to franchisees



can make the franchisee by joining Yude in realization of entrepreneurial wealth dream dry pot is our goal. First of all, when you dial our hotline, we will be based on your actual situation to give you the most sincere and professional communication. You can also learn more about our project through the website.

headquarters in determining your qualifications, will be for you to apply for the relevant procedures and signed the franchise contract, you will get the headquarters of the relevant authorization, and accept the headquarters to provide you with professional technical and operational training. We will be the standard formula, standard operating procedures, operating mode without reservation to impart to you.

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