How about joining Pizza Hut

entrepreneurial choice to join Pizza Hut? Join the pizza hut to make money? As we all know, the business with a small capital entrepreneurs who are very concerned about the problem. If you want to succeed in business, you choose to join the Pizza Hut good?

pizza hut to join the fee how much? Probably between 1 million -200 million, so the general need to have enough money to be able to open up the rich.

Pizza Hut join policy:

1. franchisee, enjoy the right to use the brand and all the right to operate

2. image of the right to use: free headquarters unified VI image design system, to achieve the overall image of the national store

3. Pizza Hut area protection: according to the actual situation of the regional market, in strict accordance with the development of the brand development business shop area limits the development of franchise stores to strictly implement the principle of clear district protection

4. Performance Award: the completion of the contract to join the purchase of the store, the headquarters are given a generous monthly rebate and annual rebate

5. pizza hut to join the agency priority: in the same conditions, the franchise has the exclusive right to buy out the area exclusive operation;

6. pizza hut to join the right to return: unsalable, backlog of products without affecting the two sales under the premise of the whole return;

7. security exit right: for various reasons, the franchise stores in the contract period is no longer operational, can apply for the transfer, acquisition, return the safe exit to join;

8. pizza hut to join the priority to renew the contract: after the contract expires, the club is willing to continue to cooperate, according to the headquarters of the policy for the new franchise contract.

9. Pizza Hut Pizza Hut before joining the guidance of training: free shopping malls, business district delineation program. Personnel training, business guidance and so on, the implementation of tracking supervision, in the course of business, no matter what business problems encountered, the headquarters will be given at any time advice and guidance.