Nipple discharge of 10 breast lesions that form health network

2, asymmetry.

every woman wants to have a pair of plump and elastic breasts, so that their body curve is more beautiful. But in modern society, the incidence of various breast diseases is getting higher and higher. So, you want to have a healthy breast, you should always pay attention to the state of the breast, if there is an abnormal situation should immediately alert.

there are several causes of nipple: clothes too tight, especially in female breast development period of the underwear is too tight; the improper use of the bra is too small, too tight, the use of early genetic factors.

growth is slow, the pain is obvious mass is benign hyperplasia or inflammation; rapid growth, the boundary of the tumor is not clear need to check as soon as possible.

1, orange peel appearance.

10, vein presentation.

8, mass.

breast cancer, lymphatic obstruction, can cause skin edema, but hair follicle skin will not so easy to edema, surface depression, like orange peel like. The expert reminds, can cause cellulite change disease: tuberculosis, fibroadenoma and fibrocystic breast cancer, sarcoma, and fat necrosis.

congenital asymmetry is mainly due to estrogen and progesterone on puberty, breast side sensitive led to the development of rapid growth, while the other side of the breast development too slow; asymmetry occurs mainly in the day after birth lactation of women, when feeding habits with breast feeding or posture, caused by incorrectly.

the nipple and areola color deepened, fever, suggesting a bilateral or unilateral breast hyperplasia lesions or cystic hyperplasia, or with estrogen levels.


due to superficial superficial vein, close to the skin, pregnancy, as well as rapid progress in breast lesions, such as breast sarcoma, superficial varicose veins. More than

, 6 pits.

4, redness / fever.

if the breast feels tough texture, smooth surface, but slow growth, no other feeling induration, may be adenoma.

3, skin ulcers.

in patients with breast cancer, some patients will have skin problem, manifested as local ulceration Jiuzhibuyu, with a lot of bloody, purulent secretion odor.

7, deep induration.

5, nipple discharge. Many causes of nipple discharge, in addition to breast hyperplasia, and tuberculosis of the breast, mastitis, breast cancer, some female endocrine disorders can also cause nipple discharge. These diseases, both benign and malignant, need to be checked in time.

Invasion of subcutaneous lymph

woman breast "dimple" is breast suspensory ligament involvement performance. The breast chronic inflammation, breast subcutaneous fat necrosis, thrombophlebitis and postoperative scar contracture, may cause skin depression.

9, nipple retraction.