How much money is to join the steamed stuffed bun Shangguan

business brand, the catering industry Jingjiubushuai, catering industry also will have enduring food items, such as steamed stuffed bun. The traditional classic steamed food product, with its appearance into the world, and of course the chowhound was beautiful too, steamed stuffed bun. Baozi industry in the catering industry enduring, has been loved by the people, you look at your city every baozi Inn business is good, but there are also many baozi Inn has several branches, this is an indisputable fact. Therefore, the choice of food items, so that the project is to choose the golden food catering industry


Shangguan steamed stuffed bun is how much money?

package Shangguan to subvert the traditional delicacy steamed stuffed bun to break the traditional, steamed taste of a single, single nutrition, the standard is not unified, current consumption environment dirty, disorderly and poor, to "focus on delicious buns" as the core concept, and enjoy a good reputation and reputation among consumers. Now more than 100 stores to join the company, store environment clean and tidy, stylish decoration.

Shangguan steamed stuffed bun joined as follows:

1, venture shop to join the fee of 17800 yuan, the store’s smallest mobile flexible, easy to set up shop.

2, the standard franchise fee 27800 yuan investment, flexible combination of creativity, a steamed stuffed bun, have congee, drinks, afternoon tea, and exquisite beauty soup, popular value.

3, the flagship store to join the fee of 37800 yuan, including all the single product comprehensive wealth, enjoy success.

notes: annual operating service fee charged 2000 yuan per year

through a small series of reports, we should all know how much money to Shangguan bun, this is a very special by the buns brand, a brand is also innovative, is a very good brand to join! Join, can give us a message on our website below. See the message will have our staff contact you.