What brand of toothpaste and toothbrush

toothbrush toothpaste is our daily necessities, to maintain the health of the teeth, the toothbrush toothpaste quality so that consumers can more trust, drives the continuous development of the industry market, started the brand is a business toothpaste toothbrush, toothpaste and toothbrush what brand is good? The whole will introduce ten toothbrush toothpaste brand rankings for everyone.

toothpaste is commonly used in daily life cleaning supplies, has a long history. With the development of science and technology, technology and equipment of continuous improvement, various types of toothpaste, one after another, constantly improve the quality and grade of products, now clean toothpaste toothpaste varieties by single, become variety, functional diversity, multi-functional toothpaste hundreds of brands, to meet the needs of different the level of consumption level.

to choose the first thing to know that toothpaste toothpaste is not a magic weapon for health, it is only a supplementary tool for brushing teeth, with friction and remove plaque, clean and polish the teeth, so that the role of refreshing the mouth. Chinese toothpaste is divided into three categories: ordinary toothpaste, fluoride toothpaste and toothpaste. The following small series to see.

toothpaste toothbrush what brand is good? 1: Yunnan Baiyao in 1902 created by Qu Huanzhang, the Chinese time-honored, enjoy " in the industry; Department of Traumatology medicine " the reputation of large modern Listed Pharmaceutical Group, Yunnan Baiyao Group Limited by Share Ltd.

toothpaste toothbrush what brand is good? 2 black DARLIE: founded in 1934 in Shanghai, high-tech enterprises, international enterprises, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality oral care products, good to chemical industry: Zhongshan Co., ltd..

toothpaste toothbrush what brand is good? 3.Colgate Colgate: founded in 1806 the United States, the world’s advanced oral care products production base, the world famous brands of toothpaste, Colgate Palmolive: Chinese. Limited company。

toothpaste toothbrush what brand is good? 4.Crest Crest: in 1955 the United States, oral care brands worldwide, electric toothbrush is the world’s leading brands, products with high mothproof function, Procter & Gamble: Chinese. Limited company。

toothpaste toothbrush what brand is good? 5 China: was born in 1954, Shanghai famous brand products, the founder of China’s toothpaste industry brand, in 1994 by the European Unilever group leased unilever. Limited company。

toothpaste toothbrush what brand is good? 6 comfort: global oral experts recommend anti sensitive toothpaste, the world’s leading, R & D based drugs and health products company, GlaxoSmithKline: china. Investment company limited.