Students start mid easily suffered financial problems

for countless college entrepreneurs, passion can go beyond everything, so, many college students in their own ideas to open their own career. However, once opened, until the business to the middle of the year, everything seems to be a problem. In June this year, read the third Cheng Bin and 5 students engaged in Entrepreneurship together parted ways, one of which is a very important reason is that the project wants to further expand the money has become a problem.

a bedroom, 35 friends, together with the cost of living, enthusiasm can do an entrepreneurial project. At the beginning of the project is very easy, what to do, what to do, as long as the basic ideas and actions can be carried out; the project at a later stage, investment, government support policies, business competition, money will come in Everfount.

in the middle of the project, but often encounter bottlenecks in development. Learned that many projects go to the middle of the time to maintain, the operation of the fund needs at least 20 thousand yuan. Entry into this phase of the project is the most embarrassing: college students who recognize their own projects, capital is not recognized.

more than a year of development bottlenecks encountered

2 million funding gap to break up their

How much does the

project cost in the interim? Zhejiang college students to the majority of Internet entrepreneurs, the project should be bigger, the cost is mainly concentrated in the development and promotion of technology.

a text money stumped hero Han, this sentence in the majority of college students who are of enthusiasm for absolute fit. College students entrepreneurial project abortion reason is very large, due to funding problems abortion accounted for very large.

Cheng Bin is a junior student in the Department of computer science, in an interview, he is preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination. "About half of the semester began, I and some classmates do poineering work together to do the project, start to do is take away, then also do tutoring promotion and so on, several of our students have professional technology, the initial capital cost does not need to be considered too much." Cheng Bin said, slowly, the problem becomes a problem.

"at the beginning of this year, we found that no matter what we do, we can’t make any money. These years we have accumulated a lot of experience, we analyze the main reason not to earn money is too small, the project influence is not enough, however, want to make money, we calculated that at least 20 thousand yuan, but only for 3 months. The money is difficult to scrape together, there are risks in the late, we have to consider more than give up, or to test for a good school entrance exam."

college students in Zhejiang to start the Internet based business, the project into the middle of the funds needed to vary according to the project. To the Internet venture, for example, the project, the need for software development, personnel recommend